Audio Visual Maintenance Specialists

    Here at On Site Audio Visual we are up front with our rates. You won’t find a call out fee and then a per minute charge. We prefer to keep it simple: Projector & Interactive Whiteboard Maintenance: $40 Per room. This includes:

    • Filter and general clean
    • Log lamp hours
    • Realignment of image on screen or interactive board
    • Full functionality test
    • Repair of any minor faults: e.g connectors.

      Projector Lamp Replacement: $40 labour (not including cost of lamp). Thorough Internal Projector Clean: $90 per projector. Fault Diagnosis and Repair/Service Call: $90 for the first hour. Network and Data Cabling: $70 per hour per technician. Quoted per job. Installations: $70 per hour per technician. Quoted per job Testing and Commission: $70 per hour per technician. Cable Termination Service: $70 per hour per technician. If you have had someone else pre-wire your system and need the ends terminated by a professional, qualified technician then call us. All our technicians have extensive experience in soldering and cable termination, so have it done right. * All rates exclude GST. All labour rates include travel within the metropolitan area.*

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