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    Some audio visual companies will bind you to maintenance contracts, or scheduled maintenance contracts. On Site Audio Visual has decided to do away with that because we like to give our customers the freedom to shop around. This is why we have tailored our service to be the most competitive, yet still deliver professionalism and expertise above and beyond any other company. If you currently have a maintenance contract with another company, we would be happy to discuss options with that company to undertake the maintenance for you. Our maintenance regime includes:

    • A thorough clean of unit (be it a projector, plasma/LCD screen, or interactive whiteboard)
    • Logging of any lamp and filter hours
    • Extensive record keeping of the product and a full functionality test will be performed. During this process, any minor faults will be repaired to ensure the system is performing at its optimum.

    Below is a list of services we offer. For rates please see our rates page. Projector & Interactive Whiteboard Maintenance Keeping your interactive system maintained is important. Ensuring filters are clean allows your projector to vent the heat properly and reduce the risk of component failure. We not only clean the filters, but the entire unit. During this process, we correct any image misalignment and perform a full functionality test. Included with routine maintenance is a detailed list of systems serviced, their current status/condition and lamp hours. This allows you to keep track of when you may need to replace lamps and when the system had its last service. Projector Lamp Replacement Lamp blown? Don’t hesitate to call us or email ( and we can order and install a replacement for you. Thorough Internal Projector Clean Often just cleaning the filter is not enough, many projectors are poorly ventilated and accumulate dust internally. This is often displayed by a dull image and/or discolouration on the screen when viewing an image. We have the setup and ability to take your projector and give it a thorough internal clean to ensure there is no dust covered mirrors or lenses, that fans are free to do their job and prevent your investment from overheating or burning out a lamp.


    On Site Audio Visual has it’s foundation with installations. With 15 years experience in the education and commercial sector, no installation is too small, or too large. We specialise in interactive projectors, whiteboards and TVs and prefer to use Epson and Dell products. All our installers have current DCSI checks, we are Epson and Crestron accredited.

    Other Services:

    Fault Diagnosis and Repair/Service Call Sometimes things just stop working. Occasionally, inexperienced people become professionals and try to ‘improve’ on a system that is already working. Here at On Site Audio Visual, we are more than happy to come out and diagnose what the issue/fault may be. We will provide a quote and fix the problem to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Network and Data Cabling You can never have enough data outlets! Our licensed cablers can add, shift, extend and repair data and network cabling. Testing and Commission After you’ve had an installation completed, often times the installers do not have time nor the adequate equipment to test and commission your system. We are happy to work closely with your installation technicians to test a system so they can move on to the next install. We will repair any minor faults we find during the testing procedure. Cable Termination Service Had your electrician, installer, friend  or builder run the cables for your projectors but wish to have the ends terminated with connectors and they decline or don’t know how? We are here to help. With extensive soldering expertise, you can be assured the connections will be of the highest quality and standard. We can also supply the cabling and connectors. Do you need custom cables made for that P.A system or your A.V. Equipment? We are more than happy to make any cabling you require, to any length you need.

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